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Welcome to Furniture Singapore, one of the leading furniture and decor shopping destination in SG! Discover the latest home decorating ideas, office design trends & the best furniture shops in Singapore! Buy stylish bed, couch, sofa, dining table, mattress, carpet, office furniture, dining chairs, leather sofas, outdoor furniture online in Singapore!

Singapore teems with all kinds of businesses. Activity never comes to a halt in this cosmopolitan city, a fact that can be attributed to the busy commercial side of the city. Individuals are always on the move, popping from one store to another in search of one thing or the other. One of the items you will absolutely enjoy shopping for here is furniture. Get ready for the biggest, most diverse variety of home and office furniture you've ever seen. Furniture stores do not limit themselves on what they avail for purchase. They go all out in search of unique, transformative furniture and the search is never in vain, as evident from the exquisite furniture selections showcased in showrooms across the city.

Need a living room furniture set for your new house? Want to change the look of your bedroom? Kids growing up fast and needing their own, fully furnished rooms? With the product range displayed here, you will find all the different furniture you need for each application. Choose which furniture stores to start your shopping experience from and begin your search for beautiful furniture. Of course, knowing a few stores where you can find specific types of furniture will make your search easier. Some furniture stores sell furniture in the general sense of the word, meaning they have a bit of every type stocked therein. Others operate as a somewhat specialty store, selling only a specific type of furniture. Analyze where each store falls and, depending on the kind of furniture you want, make your move. Sometimes, you may be confident about wanting to buy a certain type of furniture, but seeing another type of furniture, which is a complete opposite of what you wanted, is enough to make you change your mind.

Contemporary furniture is the name that is undoubtedly on everyone's lips. Anyone looking to create a luxurious living space will be looking to add as many pieces of modern furniture as possible to their space. Singapore furniture stores specializing in contemporary furniture are many. Modern Eclectic Living on Lower Delta Road, Lush on Paya Lebar Road, Finezza Home in Park Mall, OM in River Valley Road, Hudson on Emerald Hill Road, Domicil on Tanglin Road, ScanTeak, IKEA, and Crate & Barrel are some of the best places where you can buy modern home furniture. Italian furniture is popular around the world. In Singapore, find the finest Italian pieces in Minotti, Castilla, and Marquis QSquare. All their collections are exceptionally designed and built, and bear the luxurious look and feel that Italian furniture is renowned for. If Scandinavian furniture fascinates you, allow the glamorous furniture in Danish Design and Matzform to switch on your decor light bulb. While many of these stores also offer designer furniture, some stores specialize in designer units only. These are stores like Pure Interiors, Dreamweave & Other Stories, and Lifestorey.

To buy antique and classic furniture, shop at The Past Perfect Collection, Just Anthony, Fairprice Antique, Treasures of the Raj, Woody Antique House, Danovel, Prakalyam Gallery, Treasure B Design, Aphorism Antiques, China Collection, The Shop House, Hock Siong, Journey East, Wellie Batik, Secondcharm, Jungle Pottery and Like That One. These stores are packed with rare and lovely furniture gems that you can use in your living room, dining room, family room, bedroom or patio. If you would like to enjoy beautifully made furniture without increasing your carbon print, there are numerous furniture stores where you can find eco friendly, recycled and reclaimed furniture in Singapore. These are Journey East, Originals, Artful House, Expat Auctions and Gallery 278. All these furniture allow you to get imaginative with your creativity, and you can blend the finds you buy here with any other type of furniture you already have. For a truly unique look, use only the reclaimed, classic, vintage or antique furniture that you buy in your rooms. It will be a welcome change from the norm.

Wooden furniture is commonplace in Singapore. In fact, it would be correct to say that this is the most widely available type of furniture in the city. Furniture made from solid wood attracts higher prices than that which is made from wood-based materials, but its unique beauty and guaranteed durability makes it worth the sacrifice. To tackle the pricing problem which keeps many people from owning wood furniture, furniture manufacturers have adopted the use of wood veneers, particle boards and other engineered woods to produce products with the look of wood. Furniture made using these products is cheaper and even though it is not as durable and sturdy as solid wood, will give your rooms the woody look you desire. Wooden furniture comes in a broad range of designs, shapes and finishes. Each wood finish requires a special maintenance and care routine, so consider this when buying wood furniture. Because wood is prone to warping, contracting and expanding under different temperatures, damage from moisture, and may be nibbled on by wood borers, it has to be sealed and treated to provide protection against these elements. This seal and any additional coats of paint or other finish used must be reapplied regularly depending on the type of wood in order to preserve its protective layer. There are lots of wooden products in the Singapore market. Wooden beds, dressers, chests of drawers, cabinets, vanities, wardrobes, nightstands, sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, console tables, entertainment and TV stands, dining tables and chairs, bar stools and tables, bookcases, display cabinets, and kitchen cabinets are some of the wood items you can buy.

Metallic furniture is another type of furniture that is fast gaining popularity currently. You can smoothly incorporate metallic furniture in a traditionally themed design plan. By its very design, metal furniture also gives a rather sophisticated modern look to any space. Pick ornate designs if you want a traditional look or opt for a simple design for a contemporary, minimalist look. Some of the metallic items sold here are made from 100% metal, but a good number is made from a combination of metal and wood, glass, leather or fabric. Adding these other materials softens the hard look of metal, creating a warmer, welcoming ambience whenever this furniture is used. Metal beds, sofas, chairs, tables, cabinets, and stands are very popular with many buyers keen to establish a metallic look in their spaces. Metals commonly used to make these products are wrought iron, cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and chrome. Other common materials used to make the furniture sold in Singapore furniture stores are glass, leather, fabric, polyurethane, resin, cane, rattan and bamboo.

Locally made furniture products are popular with many Singapore residents because of the unique craftsmanship used to carve them. This furniture gives very exclusive designs that anyone looking for an unusual look will appreciate. But there is also a rich variety of imported furniture from renowned international brands around the globe. These are most suitable for individuals who like keeping up with the latest trends as the collections are regularly updated to include the most recent furniture designs and creations. Both the local and imported furniture has to meet stipulated regulatory standards before it can be sold in the country.

Whatever furniture you buy in these stores, therefore, is of the utmost quality and has been made to acceptable quality standards. Furniture stores have a diverse product line of home furniture, with living room furniture sets, sofas, couches, sofa beds, settees, sectional sofas, coffee tables, end tables, entertainment centers, bookcases, and console tables being among the highest selling units for the living room. Others are dining tables and chairs, sideboards, bar settings, kitchen stools and cabinets, bedroom sets, vanities, bathroom cabinets, benches, and shelving solutions. Kids' furniture comes in a broad variety and includes specific items like cribs, toddler beds, bunk beds, storage beds, loft beds, study chairs and desks, high chairs, bookcases, children's dressers, wardrobes, and storage units.

Other furniture categories you can buy in Singapore furniture stores are office furniture, available in singular pieces and sets, and outdoor furniture. Under office furniture, you will be able to get executive office chairs and desks, modular office furniture, reception furniture, office desks and chairs, computer desks, workstations, filing cabinets and other office storage furniture, conference and boardroom chairs and tables, and room dividers. For outdoor use, there are outdoor dining sets, lounge suites, sun loungers, day beds, couches, bar stools, recliners, garden benches, and poolside furniture among many others.

Redefine your living and working space with quality furniture from Singapore's best furniture stores. Designed for comfort and easy usability, this furniture is built with the aim of enhancing modern lifestyle and will be a beneficial addition to any space. There are lots of local and imported designs on offer, with many furniture stores offering both designer furniture and mass-produced units. Choose from traditional style, modern style, classic style, and antique style furniture, available in a choice of designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. The materials used to make this furniture are just as diverse; you're sure to find one that meets your preferences.